Be the reason for their smile

Information for all Champions

  • We will be using a fundraising platform called Charity Extra for the Appeal.  This platform allows every Champion to have their own fundraising page within the Appeal and to see in real-time who has donated to your page so you can thank them immediately.  We will create your page with a generic message and send you the link on Saturday 12 March.  If you would like to personalise your page with your own message please send any wording and photographs to in advance of 12 March.
  • With every Champion having their own fundraising page will also allow you to see how your and everyone’s efforts are contributing to the fundraising total, building the excitement and a combined sense of achievement.
  • Throughout the 36hours of the Appeal we will send you all images, videos and messages in an easy to share format for email, Whatsapp and text to circulate to your friends, family and colleagues to encourage them to donate.
  • To stay in contact with all Champions we will create a Whatsapp Group in the lead up to the Appeal and throughout the 36 hours.  To be included in the group we require your telephone number and permission.  If you haven’t already done so please email your name and telephone number to
  • On Wednesday 2nd March at 8.30pm we will be holding a virtual meeting for all Champions to explain how it works, how to personalise your message and share details of the campaign with your networks.  Please email if you have not been sent the zoom link – or if you would like the recording sent to you post-meeting.
  • Further details on the Appeal are included in the Champions booklet (opposite).

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on or call us on 020 7482 5191.  Thank you so much.