Spread a Smile brings joy and laughter to and enhances the well-being of seriously and terminally ill children and their families during intensive treatment and extended hospital stays.  Every year we spread smiles and laughter to thousands of hospitalised children and teenagers and their families through hospital entertainment, family outings & events, art activities and digital services including Smile TV and Smile Spaces.  We know that our impact is far greater than a smile as we strive to make a real and positive difference to young lives at the most challenging of times.

Hartley’s House of Fun
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COVID-19 Appeal
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A Tribute to Paul Sexton
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Events & Challenges

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Our latest video

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Corporate Partnerships

Creating a force of good with of our corporate partnerships.

Mental health and well-being

Agreed our visits improved the child’s mental health and well-being

Distraction from treatment

Believed our visits helped the child forget they were a patient for a time, and feel ‘normal’

New positive focus

Said the child had something to look forward to when Spread a Smile visits were due

Relief for the whole family

Reported our special outings gave the whole family a chance to interact and form happy memories