Art Initiatives

Art is so important in every child’s development.  It encourages children to express their creativity, develop motor skills and heightens their ability to communicate and problem solve.  For children in hospital art related projects and activities also provide a welcome distraction from treatment and the hospital environment.

Our art initiatives

  • Art & Craft Workshops a programme of hospital workshops and art activities for children to enjoy in their beds or in communal play areas.  Please note, our workshops have been paused while hospitals are in lock down however, while children remain in isolation at this time, we are committed to delivering 1000+ boredom-busting art & craft packs for them to enjoy
  • Painting radiotherapy masks for children and teenagers going through treatment for brain, head and neck cancer.  Painting the masks to a design chosen by them makes their the masks less frightening and more meaningful/personal.  In turn, this leads to greater cooperation when it comes to treatments.  We anticipate this year, we will receive requests for the personalisation of more than 120 masks.
  • Wall art & window art decorating hospital wards with uplifting murals/artworks on windows and walls.  Creating wonderful artworks improves the look and feel of what can be a very unsettling place benefits everyone staying, visiting or working in hospitals
  • Art and craft tutorials on Smile TV by not only our resident artist, Marina, but also guests such as award winning author and illustrator, Rob Biddulph.