Lottie is six years old. She has a rare brain tumour which is sadly inoperable.

For children like Lottie undergoing treatment for a serious illness, Christmas spent in hospital means time away from the comforts of home, not being able to enjoy this magical time with family and friends.

Just £25 could help pay for a child in hospital to meet Santa in our virtual grotto and receive a special gift

Even when Lottie is going through so much, fighting for her life and feeling horrendous all the time, Spread a Smile brings a smile to her face. They bring comfort and joy and have held Lottie’s hand during the most difficult time of her life.” Lottie’s Dad, Jason

Please help us bring the magic of Christmas and spread joy and happiness to thousands of children like Lottie and their families when it’s needed most.

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Meet Lottie…