Your Stories - Aditi


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When she was five years old, Aditi was diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome and Renal Failure. As a result, she requires dialysis three times a week, and a Bone Marrow Transplant.

Aditi’s health concerns have been a huge adjustment for the family. As Aditi’s Dad Uday said, “Aditi’s diagnosis turned our life into a different direction. We weren’t able to make spontaneous plans or travel to see family in India which was very hard. Aditi was only able to go to school for 2 hours a day on non-dialysis days and she has missed out on so much. Her brother has also been affected, as we try to juggle supporting Aditi and also Adithya during a pivotal time in his education.”

We first met Aditi and her family at Great Ormond Street Hospital in 2020 and have been supporting her with one-on-one sessions since August of that year.

Uday says that Spread a Smile has become ‘part of the daily fabric of their lives’. While Aditi’s taste has changed from nursery rhymes to Disney songs, our singing sessions and other support have played a hugely positive role during her time in hospital. Being able to experience fun and creative activities whilst undergoing treatment and in isolation brought joy and variety into the family’s life, especially as Aditi is unable to properly experience school. It also helped to take away from the common feelings of a hospital stay, which can range from worry to monotony.

Uday says that the Terrible Thames boat tour, which we invited the family to, was one of their most special memories of our work. He remembered Aditi and her mum, Divya, spending days leading up to the trip picking out clothes and hair accessories! Taking the family to the Theatre Royal to see The Tiger Who Came to Tea was also special, as they were able to have a whole family day out, including Adithya.

Getting to know Aditi and her family has been a joy and knowing that we can continue to make a difference in their lives is so meaningful.

“Spread a Smile brightened our world and they feel like part of the family. Aditi has found so much joy and happiness during the sessions and outings and has felt so special and loved. Spread a Smile have helped us all and given us such beautiful memories.” Uday

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