Chloe Balloqui


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Chloe was just two years old when in 2013 she was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma, an aggressive form of cancer.

Richard and Karen, Chloe’s Dad and Mum said, “Chloe spent much of her childhood in hospital, undergoing hundreds of gruelling, painful procedures and treatments; she was extremely unhappy. Spread a Smile came into our lives a few weeks into our journey; the team made Chloe smile again and brought her back to life. In came smiling, friendly faces to her room at Great Ormond Street Hospital. For us as parents, it was so uplifting to see her happy in hospital.” 

“Spread a Smile took away some of the fear and they also involved Chloe’s brother, James, as they do with all siblings; they have been just as much a part of his life as for Chloe. 

“Chloe relapsed twice but over those years, Spread a Smile created many magical memories. On Chloe’s 10th birthday we received the news that her treatment wasn’t working. We were all in shock that day and needed to do something special for Chloe. Very quickly Spread a Smile arranged a virtual visit; it entertained her while she was feeling very low. It was the last birthday we got to celebrate with her. 

“Chloe passed away on 4 February 2022, aged 10. Even in Chloe’s final days, Spread a Smile helped us to create and capture many lovely moments. When we look at photos of Chloe giggling with a Spread a Smile entertainer, it’s just so special to see her smiling. 

“We are so fortunate that Spread a Smile has been part of our journey. They brought light into our lives. They brought Chloe laughter – which was just as important as medicine. It was their gift to us, which we know they give to so many other children, and we will be forever grateful.”

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