Hair-raising efforts

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Fantastically caring sisters, Emma and Millie, have been growing their long Rapunzel-like, blonde locks for a very special reason. Emma and Millie are aunties to their wonderful, two year old niece Alice, who is undergoing extensive treatment at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Bilateral Retinoblastoma, a rare but aggressive form of eye cancer which affects babies and very young children.

Feeling as though they had to help in any way that they could, Emma and Millie have decided to raise money for Spread a Smile and the Rainbow Trust, by creating a wig for The Little Princess Trust, by having a super haircut and then donating their luscious locks to create a wig for a child undergoing chemotherapy or other treatments which result in hair loss. The big haircut is taking place this Saturday, 20th January 2018.

The knotting process at the top of the wig alone takes 4 inches in length, so the super sisters are aiming to donate at least 12 inches each, to provide a very brave little person somewhere with some hair and hopefully make their day a little brighter.

Emma and Millie said “We are very grateful to the Rainbow Trust and Spread a Smile as they continue to support Alice (and the whole family) through her journey.”

Wonderfully strong, little Alice has been entertained by Spread a Smile many times at Great Ormond Street Hospital and she is particularly fond of Cassie, Spread a Smile’s Pet Therapy dog. Cassie always manages to create a smile on any little person’s face!

Alice has also managed to go to several Spread a Smile theatre trips, the most recent being the trip to see The Gruffalo’s Child, before Christmas 2017. In fact, Alice’s big sister Mia even went up on stage after the show to meet the cast. Being brave clearly runs in this very special family!

Spread a Smile’s Caroline Lisberg, said “It is our privilege to entertain children like Alice and if we can just make their day a little brighter whether it be in the hospitals or send a family on a theatre trip to enjoy themselves then we’ve achieved something great!”

We wish both Emma and Millie so much love and luck and are so grateful for their incredible hair raising efforts and outstanding amounts of fundraising for Spread a Smile.