Smiles with Louisa

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We welcomed Louisa Johnson last week to spread smiles, laughter and excitement to patients and staff alike at University College Hospital.

News that Louisa, who won X-Factor in 2015 aged just 17, had reached the young people at UCLH even before Louisa had arrived, so there were lots of very excited, eager faces awaiting our guest.

Louisa lit up the hospital and created smiles wherever she went within the hospital, as she excitedly chatted, sang, took part in many a magic trick and delighted the faces of many patients, staff and parents too.

One particular patient, Erinna, was feeling especially tired and unwell before our visit and unfortunately has felt this way for quite some time. As we left her bedside, Erinna said “Louisa and Spread a Smile have really cheered me up today. Thank you so much.”

We at Spread a Smile are so greateful to Louisa Johnson for being so generous with her time, her love and care, and are so thrilled that she “spread so many smiles” for so many well deserving children.