Smile Gifts

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Smile Gifts

If you would like to send a more meaningful gift to your family and friends this Christmas or Chanukah then look no further! Send the gift of smiles!

By making a donation in lieu of a gift, you will be spreading smiles and laughter to seriously ill children in hospital. For each gift sponsored, we will send a personalised card to you or the recipient describing your donation and the gift chosen in their name.


You can choose from one of four gifts:

£100 will pay for an entertainer to visit 15 children in hospital.

£58 will pay for a face painter set. We have developed a special method of painting faces in hospital. This kit will ensure our face-painters are fully equipped with all the tools they need to paint the perfect face.

£25 will pay for a special toy for a seriously ill child stuck in their hospital bed over the festive period

£13 will pay for a magic kit. Our magicians always know just what to do to get a smile and this kit will make sure they have all the tools to do just that.

Whichever gift you choose, your recipient will know they have brought some much-needed joy and laughter to a hospital ward this festive period.

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