Spreading a Smile with The Apprentice’s Claude Littner

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Spreading a Smile with The Apprentice’s Claude Littner

Recently we were set a rather enormous challenge: We know our entertainers are the best in the business at making children smile, but could we make the ever-stern Claude Littner from BBC One’s The Apprentice smile?

We knew if anyone could make Claude smile, it was us – and now we have the photos to prove it! Once Claude saw what we do and why we do it, it filled him with delight and brought a big smile to his face.

Claude said: “I am proud to be associated with such a very special Charity. Having endured my own lengthy stays in hospital, I knew instantly how powerful the work of Spread a Smile would be. Time passes incredibly slowly on a hospital ward, I imagine even more so for children, and it’s wonderful to know that the team from Spread a Smile are there.”

And here’s the proof!

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