Larry King Hairdressing at GOSH

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In July, Bobby, Katie, Katie and Elle from top London hair salon, Larry King, spent a day with us at Great Ormond Street Hospital. We wanted to give parents of the children we visit the chance to have their hair cut and styled as opportunities like this are scarce for parents of sick kids. The team visited lots of wards to offer the hair styling service, and styled 12 mums and dads during the day.

Josephine Segal, Spread a Smile’s co founder, accompanied the Larry King team on the day. She said, “It was wonderful to be able to give such deserving parents some time for themselves. It was truly great to be able to offer them just 20 minutes for their own self-care. One of the mums who we saw said that she almost forget she was still in hospital while she was having her hair cut, which truly meant the world to us.”

Bobby Collier, Larry King stylist, said, “We were all so pleased to be able to offer our time and skills to the parents that we saw at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Finding time for a haircut can be hard for anyone, but we were so moved hearing about the parents who don’t leave the hospital whilst their children are receiving treatment, some of whom had been there for months already. It was a very rewarding day and we’re looking forward to coming back for another visit.”

We even received a special thank you from play team at GOSH:

We will be arranging future visits with the Larry King team.