Choir Appearing on BBC Children in Need

1024 768 Viv Levene

We’re so excited that the Spread a Smile Choir will be appearing on the BBC Children in Need live show as part of the Children in Need Choir.

The Spread a Smile Choir was established earlier this year and is made up of patients, their siblings and friends, who all gather together to sing. They are led by Spread a Smile’s singer extraordinaire, Collette Spinner. They delivered their amazing debut public performance in May at the Spread a Smile Fundraising Dinner and this will be their second public performance.

The Choir has become such a positive force for so many of the children, with them forming true friendships at their rehearsals. Choir members have said:

“The Choir means everything to me and I like singing with the Choir.”

“I love meeting new friends and being able to sing with them.”

“The Choir means happiness to me.”

Parents have said:

“The Choir gives Lucy something to look forward to apart from a life full of hospital and school and not a lot more! She also meets other kids who have a similar life to hers. It also brings her joy and laughter and time together with friends brought together through  similar circumstances and the joy of singing. Thank you so much Spread a Smile!”

“The Spread a Smile choir has meant so much to the girls as it allows them to sing their little hearts out with very special friends that we have come to know on Keeva’s journey. It inspires them to forget the hardship and look forward to a bright future of singing and smiling. They love every moment and enjoy all the amazing sessions that they have.”

BBC Children in Need recently awarded Spread a Smile with a new three year grant, enabling us to visit and entertain even more children and teenagers who are seriously and terminally ill in hospital. We are so grateful to BBC Children in Need for their ongoing support.

We can’t wait to see the Choir on BBC Children in Need’s Live Appeal Show on BBC1 on Friday 15th November from 7.30pm. Good luck to the wonderful Choir!