A Tribute to Paul Sexton

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The whole Spread a Smile team was saddened to learn of the passing of Paul Sexton, Managing Director of Lawsons Timber Merchants, last weekend. Paul was a great friend and mentor of the charity and will be hugely missed.

Josephine Segal, Spread a Smile’s co-founder, pays tribute to Paul:

“Soon after the charity was founded, Paul was introduced to Spread a Smile by Collette Spinner, one of our fabulous entertainers. He attended our first fundraising dinner at which he invited Vanessa, Collette and me to a meeting at the offices of Lawsons. At that meeting he simply asked what he could do to help. His kindness, willingness and sheer desire to help Spread a Smile in any way he could was something that will always be treasured and never forgotten.

“Lawsons has been so generous towards Spread a Smile and sponsored every Spread a Smile Winter Party. Paul also hosted the Lawsons Fundraising Dinner for Spread a Smile which raised over £100,000.

“Paul was an incredible mentor to Spread a Smile; he believed in us and what we were trying to build and encouraged us think bigger and do more. He always had time for us. His personal advice was always spot-on. Paul spoke from the heart at our 2017 fundraising dinner where he captivated the audience with his direct style, personal challenges, passion and wit. He encouraged people to consider how fortunate they were and do whatever they could, large or small, to help others.

“Over the years, Vanessa and I realised that Paul was helping so many other causes alongside Spread a Smile. Paul was so understated, and his ability to include everyone and make sure all around him were a team and together they would all succeed in building dreams and fulfilling goals was a very special talent.

“He was a loyal supporter, a mentor and, above all else, a true friend. The world is a poorer place without Paul. May his dear soul rest in peace and may his wonderful family find comfort in knowing what a respected, admired and loved man he truly was.”

Everyone at Spread a Smile is sending their deepest condolences to Paul’s family.