Hartley’s House of Fun

1024 768 Viv Levene

Our lovely friends at Hartley’s are running an eight week campaign called ‘Hartley’s House of Fun’ in partnership with, and in support of, Spread a Smile. Before this campaign Hartley’s had already been spreading thousands of smiles by sending jelly pouches into Spread a Smile’s partner hospitals – both for children and NHS staff to enjoy. Their jelly pouches have been received extremely gratefully and we are so thankful for their generosity.

Now they are spreading even more smiles through their Hartley’s House of Fun campaign across their social media channels. One of our brilliant Spread a Smile entertainers, Kiri, worked with Hartley’s to create fun videos that families can watch at home. The videos are all interactive, giving fresh ideas to children and parents about how they can have some extra moments of fun at home during lockdown. Some of the videos have been step-by-step arts and crafts activities showing how to use an empty jelly pot to create something really colourful and fun. Hartley’s so kindly provided all of the supplies needed for 200 children in hospital to have arts and crafts packs for the step-by-step videos. We have loved seeing the creations so far and are so grateful to Hartley’s for making this possible.  Check out the latest Hartleys videos on Smile TV.

Smiles are more important than ever before for children in hospital and we are so pleased to be able to spread even more, and in such an innovative way, thanks to the Hartley’s House of Fun campaign!