Welcome to Team Smile

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We recently announced our ambition to become a national charity and a leading voice in hospital entertainment by 2024.  Investing in our team plays a critical part in achieving our goals and, this month we are delighted to welcome three new team members.  Jasmin Minjoot (pictured) has been appointed Operations Manager heading up the services team as we begin to expand our networks outside of London and Ellie Walker and Laura Messin join as Visit Managers, responsible for family liaison, managing the increasing demand for our virtual bedside visits, and once we are back in hospitals, our scheduled entertainer visits.   All three have extensive knowledge of the charity and experience of working with families as, for the past few years, all three have been valuable members of our entertainment team and otherwise known as Fairy Jasmin, Fairy Ellie and Fairy Laura.   As such, when required, they will also continue to entertain seriously ill and hospitalised children and teenagers.

We asked Jasmin about her new role…

What are you excited about in your new role?

“I’m super excited to be more involved with the ‘behind the scenes’, I have so many ideas that I just can’t wait to get out! Being part of the Spread a Smile team is such a dream. As an entertainer I’ve seen first hand the reactions and impact of what we do and now, in this new role, it enables me to help keep us moving towards new and exciting goals.”

What do you love about Spread a Smile?

“The smiles! Honestly, the amount of smiles that we create is just incredible! I think everyone knows that warm, fuzzy feeling of true happiness and to be able to create that feeling through our entertainers and events is truly special. Who doesn’t love to smile?!”

Are you still Fairy Jasmin?

“Well, a fairy can be in disguise as Operations Manager, but there’s no way anyone could take away my wings! I have always loved performing, from when I went to my very first dance class as a tiny tot. I remember watching a show when I was younger and how happy it made me, and ever since then that’s what I wanted to do, to make people feel that happiness. When I sing, I love to get into character and sometimes that means being very silly and I just love the giggles and smiles that come from it. It’s amazing that I can still be on hand for entertaining within this new role.”