Enchanting Murals at St Mary’s

1024 768 Viv Levene

During the month of May, Marina, one of our incredibly talented artists, created stunning murals in the paediatric anaesthetic and recovery rooms at St Mary’s Hospital.

Marina has already decorated lots of the other areas in St Mary’s paediatric department, including the bloods room and the waiting area.

Painting hospital wards and rooms enhances the hospital environment, making the experience feel less clinical and can distract children from their treatment by having so much to look at and engage with.

Binita, mum to Luca, said, “Over the last year and a half we have become regulars in PHDU (Paediatric High Dependency Unit) at St Mary’s. Going into hospital with a four year old can be extremely difficult and challenging at times but all the staff there are phenomenal. The Play Specialists always go over and beyond to ensure the children have a fun time in some tough situations. Since visiting we have had the pleasure of seeing the walls of the rooms and waiting area be covered in the most beautiful art work. We have loved seeing them develop over time and Luca and I are always keeping a look out for all the new developments. These paintings mean so much as they give a bright and beautiful thing for the children to look at while they have their treatment. Thank you for all the time and hard work you have put in to making our hospital visits feel less clinical.”

Anaesthetic Room:

Recovery Room: