This Book is Toast

777 1024 Suzanne Brennan

Purchase your copy for £12 including P&P by clicking HERE.  While you are enjoying your toast know that 100% of the author’s proceeds will go to Spread a Smile. 

Few of us can resist toast.  It is a blank canvas with endless possibilities.  What to have on toast for breakfast, lunch and dinner became a continual discussion for home cook, Heidi Nathan and her good friend, Dame Maureen Lipman, on their socially distanced walks throughout lockdown.  And, what started as banter, became a project and finally a cookbook.

Most of the recipes in This Book Is Toast  have simple store-bought ingredients plus a bit of cooking and overall they’re simple, quick recipes that will lift every slice of toast, be it white, brown, wholemeal, seeded or sourdough.

Heidi is Spread a Smile’s Trust & Foundation Manager and a key member of our fundraising team.  Congratulations Heidi – we look forward to testing every tempting topping!