Lavender Smiles

640 480 Viv Levene

We were thrilled to hear about 10 year old friends, Pearl and Izzy, who, after reading about Spread a Smile in The Week Junior magazine, were inspired to fundraise for the charity.

Their school, Barnes Primary, runs a Citizenship Award to encourage pupils to look after themselves, their school and their community with a positive mindset. As part of the Award they needed to raise money for charity.

The girls decided to make and sell lavender bags and with the help of Pearl’s mum and Izzy’s grandma they sewed the bags together. They sold the bags door to door and also set up a stall.

Izzy and Pearl raised a fabulous £125. They said, “…we had so much fun and we learn to use a sewing machine. We hopefully think we made a difference in a lot of people’s lives. In the process of this we got to express our creativity which produced unique lavender bags. We are so happy we did this.”