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I’m so excited to be sharing with you the first-ever “Smile blog”. I joined the charity in July 2021 as Digital Engagement Manager (my dream job) for this most inspirational charity. And I’ve been waiting for the opportunity to create content that has a positive impact. That is what matters to me, especially when it comes to helping seriously ill children. I’m really looking forward to sharing more news of our work, the impact our services make to the children and their families and I can’t wait to host some guest interviews with some truly wonderful individuals and businesses who make our work possible.

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A note about the author, Jodi Montlake:

What drew me to work for Spread a Smile?

I officially left my 20 years plus freelancing career journey when I started at Spread a Smile. To find the right company, I needed to find somewhere special that would bring happiness and joyful experiences to young people in difficult times and I truly believe that Spread a Smile is just that. 

The most recent years of my career were spent working with some amazing startups, small and medium-sized businesses managing their social media, blogging and digital marketing efforts. I’ve also taught Pilates for many years too. Some would say I wear many hats but I think that’s what keeps my content creative and different. My favourite things about both lines of work are the people. I’m a real people person and I get energy from the people I meet, the inspirational stories I read or hear and the people I can help. Accepting the offer from Spread a Smile was a no brainer as at the very heart of what the company do, from its early beginnings with Josephine Segal and Vanessa Crocker and still today is making a positive impact on children and their families. 

I’m a mother to two children aged 12 and 10, a wife (married nearly 20 years, how did that happen)?, daughter, friend, dog owner (I have two wonderful Australian Labradoodles, definitely the easiest of my children). I was once a self-proclaimed ‘technophobe’ and now an avid adopter of innovative and digital services remains much amusement to my husband and kids.

And all this “normal life stuff” during covid-19 made me reevaluate what I wanted from life. Working for a charity gives me purpose and something to be proud of. Knowing that what I do is in some way contributing to the big picture of spreading more smiles to seriously ill children and teenagers who are in hospital gives me meaning.  I hope to make my love of digital contagious to all the team and help Spread a Smile reach its national ambitions to grow and support more users of its services. 💥

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