On the Spot Challenge

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On Monday 4th December 2017, a  group of gorgeous girls from the 5th Mill Hill Rainbows pack, participated in an ‘On the Spot Challenge’ to raise money for Spread a Smile. Each girl was sponsored by friends and family to stay on the spot for one hour. 
The ‘On the Spot Challenge’ meant exactly that, the children had to take part in activities which required them to stay on their own coloured spot on the floor for a whole hour. It was no easy task, that’s for sure! The challenges included sitting on a balloon, passing spoons of raisins to one and other, jumping and hopping up and down on the spot, wrapping themselves in ribbon, jumping from spot to spot without touching the ground and throwing balloons to one another without dropping them or leaving their spot. 
Six year old Lily, who participated in the challenge, said “I liked it because we got to do fun activities on the spot and we were raising money for Spread a Smile, which is really important.”
Spread a Smile’s Lucy Jackson was there on the day to witness all of the action and excitement. Whilst there, Lucy explained to the girls all about Spread a Smile’s vital work in entertaining seriously ill children and teenagers in hospital, with the aim of brightening their days and helping to spread a smile, even for just one precious moment. 
Lucy said “It was so great to see such young children taking part in a really fun, charitable activity in such an enthusiastic way and it was lovely to see them all try so hard not to leave their spots.”
We would like to say a big thank you to all the girls who took part, everyone who sponsored them and of course to Sunshine Sara (Sara Sherrard) for her support. Together, the girls raised an incredible £357.