Spreading Smiles with Wall Art

1024 768 Viv Levene

These last few months have been hard for us whilst we haven’t been able to make face to face hospital visits, so we’ve been thinking as creatively as possible so that we can keep spreading smiles, which we know are needed more now than ever.

That’s why Marina, our resident artist, has been creating hand drawn window transfers for children in hospital. She takes individual requests from patients so that each design is personalised and these are then sent to children in hospital to stick to their walls and windows to brighten their surroundings. Special requests have included Trolls, Spurs and PJ Masks, which you can see pictured below.


Marina has also been busy at St Mary’s Hospital painting magical murals on the walls to brighten the hospital environment. COVID-19 has meant that hospital playrooms are closed and shared toys have been removed from waiting areas, which has meant these spaces are especially bland and boring. Marina has created interactive designs, which really allow kids to use their imaginations. The hospital can be a frightening place, and a welcoming, child-friendly environment is essential to helping them cope with their hospital experience, as well as providing a necessary distraction while waiting for appointments and having treatments.

We are also continuing to spread smiles at this time via our digital services including Smile TV, where families can access our entertainment 24/7, Smile Spaces Zoom sessions with personalised entertainment for children and their families, Smile Parties and Smile Sessions where children who are all on the same ward can be entertained together online.