Smile Party for Abigail

1024 768 Viv Levene

Last week we were delighted to host a Smile Party to celebrate Abigail’s eighth birthday. The virtual party, which was co-hosted by our wonderful supporter, Lola’s Cupcakes, included unicorn decorating with lots of icing and sprinkles, and allowed Abigail to celebrate with family and friends.

We’ve been entertaining Abigail and her family since July 2019 when Abigail was at Great Ormond Street Hospital. Abigail has regular appointments and stays at GOSH for her very rare condition, restrictive cardiomyopathy, and travels from her home in Yorkshire for her care. Abigail especially loves being entertained by our magicians and artists and our virtual visits have meant that her sister at home has been able to join in the entertainment.

Kathryn, Abigail’s mum, said, “THANK YOU so much.  Birthdays in lockdown are hard, especially when disrupted by hospitals.  You really made Abigail’s day with her cupcakes.  She enjoyed it so much.  It was lovely to see her smiling and happy.  She also LOVED seeing her school friends and her cousin.

“Thank you is such an inadequate word for what you do….. I cannot express just how much it means to me to have your support.  Hospital visits and bad news conversations meant I really hadn’t given any thought to Abigail’s birthday this year, and you just solved it for me.  So THANK YOU”