Inspiring art classes with Charlotte Posner

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We were delighted to host one of our favourite artists, Charlotte Posner, at University College London Hospital in July. Charlotte was kind enough to donate some of her incredible artwork to patients in the teenage cancer ward, bringing some colour and vibrancy to the walls.

She also led a workshop with some younger patients, teaching them how to recreate one of her most famous, iconic pieces: the ice cream pop doll! Everyone who took part had an amazing time, and came away with a piece of art that they can keep in their room to remember the day.

Allowing these children to express their creativity is vitally important, as they are missing out on opportunities to do so outside of hospital, such as in school. Sessions like these also help children to take their mind off of their condition for a short time, and focus their energy and attention on something fun.

For parents, opportunities like this can be a huge relief, as they are able to see their children expressing themselves and being creative, which can be rare for many patients with serious conditions.

Charlotte has worked with iconic brands such as Louis Vuitton, Harrods, Brown Thomas, and Mr Men, so having her in the hospital, engaging with and teaching the children was an incredible privilege.

We’d like to thank Charlotte for her time and her generosity in giving so much to these young people. You can see more of her work here.